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No landscape videos

I shouldnt have updated my Tumblr. I do t know why I did, as it was working fine for me before. Now I cant even view any videos in landscape mode, as well as I cant even see the progress bar/time stamps of the videos. This is very lame. How can yo claim this is a bug fix. I feel like I just got Punkd! :-(

UHM what

The app isnt letting me log in or create an account on any device

Would like it if it actually opened

Whenever I try to open the app it just automatically closes itself. While the app has always been buggy and weird at least it worked. Not so anymore.

Stopped working after update

Once I got the update for the iOS 10 the app just is pretty much useless. Wont refresh homepage and I cant see anything I post (if it even posts it to begin with). Real upsetting

Generally good, current version buggy re own entries

The app and general service are good. However, since the latest update I cannot scroll beyond a certain point of my own entries from within the app, while I do very well see certain unreachable entries I made some time ago, when I use the direct link in the browser instead. This should clearly be fixed!


Why tf are there so many ads on *my* blog feed?

Texteditor sucks

The texteditor is a pain in the ass. When you try to correct something with the zoom, it throws you randomly through the text.

Wont refresh...lost likes

Whats up?!? Same home picture for days now...can only pull up 2 likes....and I have hundreds!!


I cant click on the videos and enlarge them. This happened after the recent update and needs fixing asap

Keeps refreshing when Im not in the app

So my app still refreshes when I leave the app for a couple minutes but leave it open, so if you could please please fix that because now I barley go on Tumblr because I like to go between different apps. For the past three updates nothing has helped so if you guys could do something to fix it I would appreciate it. Thank you and I hope you have a good day!

Awful Functionality

Ever since the update, my dash has been mostly recommended posts, blogs, or ads. I scroll through about 4 recommended posts from blogs unrelated to anything I follow, two double stacked rows of recommended blogs, and then an ad before I finally see 1-3 posts from people I actually follow, then rinse and repeat where I dont see any content from who I actually follow for another 7-9 posts. I do not want to see so many recommended posts, especially when they dont pertain to my interests or even relate to the blogs I follow in the slightest. And how do I know that they dont pertain to whom I follow? I follow 9 people with very specific interests, if it worked correctly I would only see similar things. This sounds more like a bug than an intended feature, but until it gets fixed I would recommend NOT using this app. You will not see any of the things you want, it will just be a giant waste of time

ads on our blogs?

so when people put advertisements to make money on their blogs they get deactivated but its ok for yall to put ads on them while we dont get any of the profit???

How do I put it?

I can see all the people Im following now. The annoying thing now is when Im scrolling through a blog I see ads. Now I get that the ads are there because it is one of the ways tumblr makes money but I wish they werent on peoples blog. Dashboard is fine just not the blogs Im following.

Video no longer plays in its own pane

After the last update, I noticed that when you tap on a vid clip it no longer plays full screen. It just stays in the Tumblr app player. Its not cool cause you can no longer get a true full screen view. ???!??!!

Recent update lost video manipulation functionality

The app is decent enough. Allows my use of it without issues normally (I dont use all of the available functionality). The most recent update lost video manipulation though on iOS platforms. Both my phone and iPad lost functionality. Previous versions allowed video in full screen and in landscape mode. This version only allows audio activation and deactivation. No additional video functionality capabilities are present.

Tumblr is one of the nicest social medias

This app is definitely user-friendly and deserves a lot better than the needy brats that usually rate tumblr. It really isnt a bad app, and its great for meeting people with similar interests or simply sharing your favorite things! It identifies with teens very well, using words they often use.

I love this app!

I have been a member of Tumblr for years (but, of course, not on the account that I am using now). I am always on Tumblr; I love the nice people and everything you can do on Tumblr. This app is a big part of my life and its definitely a recommendation by me.

Great App

Good app to find blogs that interest you ;)

Everyone hates updates but still loves tumblr

The updates arent always the best, youll keep coming back though.

Invasive ads detract from experience

With this new update Ive noticed that when I go to my own personal blog and scroll through my posts there is an ad after every three or four posts. At first I was really confused because on my private personal blog I only post material there that I create and they are like personal diary entries. Now on this space that has been really cathartic and therapeutic there are ads that really are jarring and really make my blog feel like its being invaded. Im fine with seeing ads in the dashboard, but on my own blog? No. Thats too much and its ruined this app for me.

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