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Great app

Great app, one of my favs

Love it and love tumblr

Simple , very easy to use , beautiful and super well made app

WHERE ARE MY followed blogs ?????

WHERE ARE MY followed blogs ?????


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Great app

Very great app, some bugs but generally, it is cool, and there is a large variety of topics

Video playback - last update

Disappointing since the last update. Unable to play videos full screen. Please fix soon.

Muito bom

Melhor app ever

Cant watch videos in full screen

Cant open and watch the videos in full screen mode anymore, thats terrible. Please fix it.

Super Community

Prima. Bietet mehr als andere Plattformen.

Good but bad for your storage

I love the app but on some days, I literally only have to scroll through tumblr for a few minutes and it already saved 1 GB of data so I have to redownload the app again


Im in love w/ tumblr, srsly is one of the best apps Ive ever used

Almost perfect

Its probably the most used app on my phone and Im quit happy with everything.. but heres the thing; most of the videos wont load or take to long! (I already checked my wifi and tried it at other places too, but still takes long to load..)


Top ALles in Ordnung!!! 420FreeYourselfAppMitFun111er

Texteditor sucks

The texteditor is a pain in the ass. When you try to correct something with the zoom, it throws you randomly through the text.

Generally good, current version buggy re own entries

The app and general service are good. However, since the latest update I cannot scroll beyond a certain point of my own entries from within the app, while I do very well see certain unreachable entries I made some time ago, when I use the direct link in the browser instead. This should clearly be fixed!

Free lance photographer

Super great pictures great arts work,excellent site for information .



Terrible update

Why cant we click on videos anymore to focus on them or make them bigger? Stupid, stupid idea to remove that. Of course you know that, which is why it wasnt mentioned in the update information. I restarted Tumblr countless times because I thought my phone was just glitching. Honestly, stop trying to make this app more annoying than it already is.

Videos Not Opening Full Screen

Im not sure why the ability to full screen a video was removed, but its ridiculous. Without being able to go full screen, some videos extend beyond my display and I cant see the whole thing. Get it together.

Bugs !!

Video bug is very annoying and theres a bug that unfollows people

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